Faculty as Leaders

Resources to support faculty champions for invention education, including faculty development, and professional activities.


Programs and opportunities to support faculty knowledge, implementation, success and leadership in invention education.

Tools for Faculty Development

InventEd by the Lemelson Foundation

The following source offers an overview of Invention Education and highlights the benefits of implementing Invention Education in the classroom. While originally designed for US K-12 contexts, this information may translate when implementing invention education programs across settings.

Active Learning from Cornell University

The following source outlines the purpose and effectiveness of Active Learning and how to begin incorporating these practices into the classroom.

Blooms Taxonomy

Bloom's taxonomy is a classification system used to define and distinguish differing levels of student cognition from basic remembrance to creation.

ASEE 2020 Survey for Skills Gaps in Recent Engineering Graduates

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) examines the skills gap demonstrated by recent engineering graduates when transitioning into the workforce and offers recommendations for university leaders to address this gap.

ASEE Emerging Insights on Navigating Remote Labs

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) offers an hour-long on-demand webinar focused on navigating remote lab structures and best practices for efficient learning.

Coherence in Complexity: Strengthening Human Resources for Health Programs

Based on learnings from a partnership between the US Government and the Government of Rwanda, this resource offers recommendations for strengthening human resources for health (HRH) programs.

A Successful Faculty Development Program for Implementing a Sociocultural ePortfolio Assessment Tool

This study examines outcomes from a faculty development workshop aimed at integrating and implementing an ePortfolio assessment tool in academic medicine.

Active Learning - An Introduction

The following source by North Carolina State University provides both a tutorial and learning assessment on the essentials of active learning.

Active Learning as a Catalyst for Curricular Transformation

This case study gives insights from a one–week faculty development workshop where 35 faculty members from Kenyatta University (KU), used active learning to transform their curriculums.

Identifying Priorities for Invention Education in Kenya

This document gives insights from a cross-institutional faculty workshop and shows the user how to identify priorities for Invention Education.

Value Proposition for the Innovation Ecosystem to Engage with Universities

This case study expands on how innovators in Kenya used a forum to value proposition an innovation ecosystem among the universities in Kenya.

TIBA-VENT: a case study on the application of Invention Education at Kenyatta University

This case study expands on how Kenyatta University used Invention Education to address local challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tools for Professional Activities

National Effective Teaching Institute 3

NETI-3 is an online-focused workshop designed to help participants transition into an online teaching format while practicing inclusion and active learning.

DELTA New Faculty Institute

The DELTA New Faculty Institute is an instructor-led program tailored for new engineering faculty members to propel their careers and classrooms.

EU Funding and Tender Opportunities

The European Commission search tool can be used to browse proposals and tenders funded by the EU in various social and economic sectors.

Biomedical Engineering-Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Alliance (BME-IDEA)

BME-IDEA is a global meeting for faculty and staff to share knowledge, experiences, and resources in biomedical engineering (BME) innovation education.

Academic Impressions

Academic Impressions offers a library of resources, trainings, and seminars to learn best practices on a variety of topics in higher education.

Orange Knowledge Program

The Orange Knowledge Program is a Dutch funding initiative dedicated to strengthening the capacity of professionals and organizations in higher education through scholarships and training.

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