Technology Transfer in South African Public Research Institutions

This chapter provides an analytical overview of technology transfer offices (TTOs) in South Africa by studying the current status of TTO’s, their return on investment, and their varying success.

Technology Readiness Levels Table

This table describes Technology Readiness Level based on key developments for both Engineering and Software products.

Ethnography Field Guide

The Stanford Institute of Design outlines a framework and best practices for conducting effective interviews.

AHEAD Enterpreneurship Education Resource Pack

The African Higher Education Leadership in Advancing Inclusive Innovation for Development (AHEAD) offers an overview of the background knowledge and skills used to develop, organize, and measure the impact of entrepreneurship education courses.

Fab Lab Equipment Requirements

The following document is an example of the tools, software, and vendors suggested by Fab Labs to run a digital fabrication laboratory.

Coherence in Complexity: Strengthening Human Resources for Health Programs

Based on learnings from a partnership between the US Government and the Government of Rwanda, this resource offers recommendations for strengthening human resources for health (HRH) programs.

Route to Market Guide for Inventors – Pharmaceutical Products

The University of Cape Town provides a roadmap for best practices in taking new pharmaceutical drugs to market.

Route to Market Guide for Inventors – Medical Devices

The University of Cape Town provides a roadmap for best practices in taking new medical devices to market.

Guide to Creating a University Spin-off Venture

The University of Cape Town provides a framework for the creation of a spin-off company to commercialize university intellectual property.

ASEE 2020 Survey for Skills Gaps in Recent Engineering Graduates

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) examines the skills gap demonstrated by recent engineering graduates when transitioning into the workforce and offers recommendations for university leaders to address this gap. | All Rights Reserved. Invention Education Toolkit, 2021.
This toolkit is made possible by generous support from The Lemelson Foundation.

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