Seedstar Academy

Seedstars Academy is a pre-acceleration program that supports startups in choosing their venture and offers training and networking resources.

Professor Ayodele Awojobi Design Competition - PAADC

PAADC is Nigeria's largest undergraduate design competition created to support social entrepreneurship.

National Effective Teaching Institute 3

NETI-3 is an online-focused workshop designed to help participants transition into an online teaching format while practicing inclusion and active learning.

MEST - Africa-wide technology entrepreneur training program

MEST is an Africa-wide non-profit training program designed for technology entrepreneurs. MEST provides training, funding, business, and networking support for their entrepreneurs to help lead the next generation of startups.

Kumasi Hive, Kumasi, Ghana

Kumasi Hive seeks to bridge the gap between traditional physical jobs and moderate digital jobs by incubating promising startups from ideas to product-for-market.


Kiva is expanding financial access in underserved communities by using crowdfunding to support lending needs.


Kickstarter tranforms ideas into reality. By serving as a crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs to connect with funders from around the world to support their business ventures.

AHEAD Innovation Management in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

The African Higher Education Leadership in Advancing Inclusive Innovation for Development (AHEAD) offers lectures describing innovation management in low- and middle-income countries.


Injini is a growth accelerator program for sub-Sahara African EdTech startups with a mission to improve educational outcomes across the continent.


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