Increasing Collaborative Research Output Between Early-Career Health Researchers in Africa

This study explores the collaboration between African universities, African research institutions, and non-African institutions to strengthen and expand doctoral training in Africa.

Characterizing partnerships for research and innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from the case of the Africa-EU ProIntensAfrica Initiative

This study examines bi-regional partnerships between sub-Saharan Africa and the European Union through a case study on the Africa-EU ProIntensAfrica Initiative.

Science-based health innovation in sub-Saharan Africa

This study examines health innovation in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Open Innovation and Innovation Intermediaries in Sub-Saharan Africa

This study examines innovation landscapes in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the role of key intermediaries.

Impact Inventing: Strengthening the Ecosystem for Invention-based Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

This report explores the differences between traditional and invention-based entrepreneurs as well as the ecosystems and resources necessary for the latter to succeed in improving the lives of people around the world through tangible inventions.

What’s Working in Startup Acceleration: Insights from Fifteen Village Capital Programs

This report offers practical lessons and insights for accelerator program managers and funders.

Perspective of Industry’s Engagement with African Universities

The following study examined the relationships between industry and African universities. The analysis revealed the factors that facilitate or inhibit stronger university-industry partnerships, including cultural divides, economic crisis, and social policy.

AHEAD National Innovation System Benchmarking Tool

National Innovation Systems can be characterized as the network of public and private sectors whose interactions create and diffuse new technologies. The following resource provides an array of benchmarks and statistics to gauge this network's progress and trajectory.

Strengthening University-Industry Linkages in Africa: A Study on Institutional Capacities and Gaps

The following study examined the relationships between industry and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to determine what structures, policies, positions, and funding are currently present - or lacking - and what best practices HEI's can follow.

Measuring the Value of Invention The Impact of Lemelson-MIT Prize Winners' Inventions

This report assesses the societal impact of the inventions awarded by the Lemelson-Massachusetts Institute of Technology program and examines the benefits of supporting invention and innovation. | All Rights Reserved. Invention Education Toolkit, 2021.
This toolkit is made possible by generous support from The Lemelson Foundation.

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