The Design Critique as a Model for Distributed Learning

This chapter by Brad Hokanson (2012) examines the design critique, a common aspect of studio design education, and its use in distance learning envrionments.

TD_TCD_WHO Humanitarian Needs Assessment_210701

This chapter from the World Health Organization (WHO) offers an overview of needs assessment in humanitarian settings, with a focus on health needs.

What to do in Need Finding

This resource from Stanford offers an overview and key considerations for need finding.

Venture Capital for Africa

Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A) is a global entrepreneurship community that connects startups with opportunities to support success and growth.

Nigerian Youth Ignite Programme

The Youth Ignite Program is a 2 day intensive classroom training that offers participants the opportunity to create, draft, and finalize their own business proposals. Successful business proposals have the opportunity to be approved for loans intended to grow their startup.

Technology Transfer and Innovation Management: A Handbook for Southern African Technology Transfer Offices

The Technology Transfer and Innovation Management handbook has been developed by the Southern African Research and Innovations Management Association (SARIMA) to provide a strategic approach to research and innovation management and promote collaborations, networking, and co-operations across Southern Africa.

Orange Knowledge Program

The Orange Knowledge Program is a Dutch funding initiative dedicated to strengthening the capacity of professionals and organizations in higher education through scholarships and training.

Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme

The Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Support Program is a 9-week program that encourages youth to pursue self-employment and offers extensive entrepreneurship and business training.

Next Einstein Forum

Shaped by the belief that the next Einstein will be African, The Next Einstein Forum offers four interconnected programs that connect science, society, and policy in Africa and globally.

Microsoft Innovation Cup

The Microsoft Innovation Cup is a team-based annual competition that brings together student developers around the world to tackle some of the hardest technology challenges. | All Rights Reserved. Invention Education Toolkit, 2021.
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